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A chance to Learn: Arduino Programming

How did it all start?

As we think investing in children's education is one of the most valuable long-term achievements, we have decided to do our part and start a small technical project named “A chance to learn: Arduino Programming”.

In Romania, after the first 8 school years, children have to choose which high school to attend, where education is focused on more specific skills. We have therefore decided that 7th graders could benefit the most from our introductory tech course, to help them take a decision which could influence their career choice.

How did we get involved and why?

We have presented our idea to the teachers from Matei Basarab school in Bucharest and they helped us with all the planning. We started by simply posting our announcement and were really surprised by the amount of children who wanted to know more about programming and attend the classes. We tried to do a selection, but eventually decided that everyone deserved a chance to learn more, so, we welcomed a total of 20 children in our group.

We had 5 intensive classes that introduced kids into the world of robotics, presented them a part of the tech history, applications, technical details and, in the end, we had a brief discussion on how they could use all the information in their future careers. The group learned to program digital pins, to create LED-based light shows and generate sounds from a mini-speaker from the development kits we brought. After our 3rd lesson, children exceeded our expectations by bringing home-made code and home-made circuits, so we felt really happy our purpose had been achieved.

When our project was about to end, we initiated a contest with the subject “Arduino Office Alarm”; children were divided in teams and had to share ideas, improve their communication skills in order to win small keyboards useful for various robotics and automation projects.

At the end of the project, we realized that each kid had won something: knowledge, courage to speak out their ideas,  increased interest in technology, lots of fun taking the classes and of course an Arduino kit. We hope some of these children will decide to follow a future career path in technology. We are proud of our team which led this project and inspired other SpamExperts employees to do more and give more.