SpamExperts Goes Beyond Classical Social Responsibility

Making Children Smile

How did it all start?

Choosing from so many heartbreaking stories is never easy, so for the second project we had to do some serious digging. As it was mutually agreed that we wanted to help children, we started looking for organizations in Bucharest. Although there is quite a large number of associations that take care of children, most of them were only looking to receive financial sponsorship and weren’t open to giving us an opportunity to assist them directly. Through our initiative we were determined to leave something behind for the children, either tangible or a nice memorable experience. After several calls and thorough research, we found an NGO in Bucharest to match the desired profile: Asociatia MAME (Maternity, Advocacy, Medicine, Education). When contacted, they were more than happy to hear we were interested in helping them out.

Why MAME Association?

As our project was based on helping children suffering from severe illnesses this NGO was a perfect fit. We were all impressed and motivated by its mission, as they had been fighting for a noble cause for so many years.

This organization has quite an impressive story behind it: it was founded in 2009 at the initiative of Maria Culescu, herself diagnosed with cancer. As Romanian facilities proved inefficient, she went abroad for medical treatment. When she returned to Romania, she had a strong desire to make a change. That is how Asociatia MAME was born. Some of their objectives are to support the Romanian medical system, arrange for projects, campaigns and events to help children with a poor background and people diagnosed with different illnesses. Their main goal is to assist those in need and improve their lives in any way possible (educationally, socially & psychologically).

How did we help?

We decided to help the association in a fun, interactive way, by taking the kids to the cinema for a 3D movie experience. As we wanted to stimulate social skills through games, we donated tablets and board games for their playroom for everyone to enjoy once our collaboration was over. As some of the kids couldn’t leave the facility, we agreed with management to arrange for a puppet show to take place at the center. The show was based on a very popular Romanian story for children. This initiative was both heart-melting and heart-breaking. After taking part in it, it was confirmed that our team has really managed to put a smile on the children’s faces, making them forget about their health problems for a while.

It’s nice to do something for others for a change. Helping out others makes you happy in return. I was surprised the children didn’t look ill at all and probably they didn't want to feel and be treated differently either. I hope we gave them that,” Andrei – SysAdmin.

"All the kids we met were curious, sweet, kind, friendly, willing to play and with a strong desire for knowledge. Just like any other kid their age. Ms. Maria, one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met, impressed all of us with her strength, ambition, energy and willingness to bring a change. Our initiative was so small compared to what children normally deserve, but it was tangible and meant something to them, even just for a short time,” Alina – Spam Analyst

Taking part in this project made me feel proud that I am part of this team. It also made it clearer to me that we should try and help others all the time, and not necessarily wait for a special occasion. However, we shouldn’t miss out on these occasions when they occur. The overall experience was great and seeing the kids happy was worth every second spent preparing this project. The only regret is that we couldn’t do more,” Dan Sebastian – Support Engineer