SpamExperts Goes Beyond Classical Social Responsibility

Operation Give Back

How did it all start?

The idea for the project came easily. All team members wanted to work with people, to help those in need.  Who could they pick to benefit the most? It was a really hard decision to make. Since team members were located in different countries, it was decided to split up in three teams, brought together by the same purpose: to help the less fortunate, regardless of age. 

There they were, miles apart, united by the same good cause. Each worked with a different age group, from children to elders, so each team went to a local orphanage/canteen/school/organization to do some good.  They spent their day with the people in the facility, learned their stories, and what their needs were to help them in any possible way.

How did each team get involved?

Team Netherlands

The team in Amsterdam chose to work with the Zonnebloem (Sunflower) foundation, an association dedicated to helping people with disabilities. The association promotes balance between the 3 P’s: “people, profit & planet”. Zonnebloem was started in 1945 with the ideal of ‘a society with room for everyone’, - whether healthy or sick, no one should be lonely or lead a housebound life. 

The SpamExperts team planned a fun day out at the Ship Museum where the SpamExperts team was responsible with assisting the disabled people during their visit to the museum. After enjoying the museum for two hours, the day was ended with Secret Santa gifts. 
Their mission was to help disabled people enjoy life to the fullest and participate in activities as non-disabled person(s) would. 

Team Mexico 

With the goal of helping the needy in mind, the one-man team looked for something that could be done in the local Alejandro Fleming kindergarten in Villa Lázaro Cárdenas, Puebla, attended by the child of the member. The kindergarten principal agreed to the idea of painting the wall of the main entry area with values like tolerance, respect, acceptance, curiosity to help kids discover them from an early age, but to also remind their parents. The idea was highly appreciated by the parents, thus 32 accepted to join the project and help with the painting. 

Team Romania

Although there are many orphanages in Bucharest, they are, sadly, inaccessible at this moment. It was a difficult search, but the Înger Alb (White Angel) orphanage was a happy choice. The caregivers in the facility were very friendly and the children were well taken care of. Their stories were sad and unbelievable. Somewhat rescued from their original homes, they now live in a modest shelter, where they get all the help they need. As they had never been to the circus, the SpamExperts team decided to put a smile on their faces and bring all of them to the biggest one in Bucharest. A lot of help and support were provided by the headmistress and her husband to make this possible.