SpamExperts Goes Beyond Classical Social Responsibility

Pet Talk: SpamExperts to the Rescue

How did it all start?

For the past decades Romania has had a problem with stray dogs and cats, mostly due to systematization during Communism. Besides systematization, there are other factors which have contributed to the high growth in the number of homeless animals: abuse and abandonment. In recent years, there have been various awareness campaigns to teach owners how to care for their pets, but to also neuter the dogs and cats for free. 

How did we get involved and why?

On September 25, 2013, the president of Romania signed a law which approved euthanasia of unclaimed/stray dogs. This led NGOs to carry a continuous struggle to keep dogs off streets and safe. This has its downside: as there isn’t enough funding or room in the shelters, the dogs are still put to sleep if unclaimed in 14 days.

Because we deeply care about animal rights, our team wanted to help a Romanian NGO (Asociatia Robi) with food for the animals and with equipment to improve the shelter. Our team of 5 visited the shelter on a regular basis and we were truly impressed to see the administrators’ love and dedication for the 300 dogs.

After seeing them and hearing all their stories, we understood the high level of responsibility and commitment needed after bringing the dog home from the pet shop.