Líderes en Seguridad de Email

Our mission is to secure email worldwide. The company takes pride in offering premium services and aims to lead the market in product standards. At the same time, we are committed to providing competitive and tailor-made business solutions, centered around customer needs. We focus on delivering sustainable results and outperform in every aspect of our business. SpamExperts serves over 2,000 service providers in more than 90 countries.

About us

Founded in 2005 and acquired by SolarWinds MSP in August 2017, SpamExperts has rapidly grown into a leading email security provider for service providers and enterprises all over the world. SpamExperts is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a second office in Bucharest, Romania.

What drives us

We concentrate on research and development to stay competitive in the industry. All technology SpamExperts develops is proprietary and under the full control of the SpamExperts team.

SpamExperts is one of the largest email processors in the world and maintains internal data-sets. Data drives our self-learning technologies in delivering higher quality email security services.

Equipo de Administración

Sam Renkema

Sam Renkema

Sam Renkema (1983), the chief executive officer of SpamExperts, cofounded SpamExperts in 2005. Sam has a diverse background, having lived on four continents and having traveled to over 60 countries at a young age. Sam holds a Master’s degree in finance and a Bachelor's degree in international business.

Dreas van Donselaar CTO

Dreas van Donselaar

Dreas van Donselaar (1983) is SpamExperts' chief technology officer since he co-founded SpamExperts in 2005. Dreas has been technology-focused all his life and successfully sold two internet businesses before co-founding SpamExperts. Dreas holds a Master’s degree in information technology and a Bachelor's degree in international business.

Los Coordinadores

Desarrollador principal Tony Meyer Base en Nueva Zelanda
Coordinador de Frontend Alexandru Chirila Base en Rumania
Coordinador de Control de Calidad Catalin Donici Base en Rumania
Coordinador de Soporte Sebastian Antonescu Base en Rumania

Coordinador de Finanzas y Operaciones Claudiu Malinetescu Base en Rumania
Coordinadora de Marketing Marilena Dobre Base en Rumania

Departamento de Ventas

Gerencia de Desarrollo Empresarial Ivan Mudryy Andreea Popa Andy Haworth
Ejecutivos de Cuentas Diana Avetisyan Anca Teodorescu Gruia Iordan
Especialistas de Operaciones de Ventas Alexandra Draghia Andreea Sandu
Coordinador de Ventas Flavius Malinetescu

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