SpamExperts Hosting Partner Program (HPP)

SpamExperts offers Webhosting clients above a certain license size the option to participate in the Hosting Partner Program in order to receive discounts on their license with SpamExperts as well as free additional marketing exposure.

How to qualify to become a Hosting Partner of SpamExperts

In order to become a Hosting Partner, you have to be in the category of (Shared) Webhosting providers and filter min. 5,000 domains with SpamExperts (Inbound or Outbound filtering) or have an Email Archiving license from SpamExperts of 50,000 GB for Local Cloud clients or 5,000 GB for Hosted Cloud clients.


The following discounts will apply to you, should you meet the license size conditions described above and agree to enroll in the HPP program:

  • 10% discount on the Outgoing filtering license
  • 50% discount on server re-installs
  • 10% discount on Standard & Premium Private Label
  • Complimentary upgrade to Premium Support Contract
  • Complimentary Email Archiving license (500 GB for Local Cloud clients and 250 GB for Hosted Cloud clients)

The following marketing benefits will apply as well:

  • A Case Study about the partnership which will be published on SpamExperts site
  • A Press Release distributed via SpamExperts international network of media partners
  • Complimentary invitations to industry events where SpamExperts is a sponsor
  • Complimentary invitations to social activities organized by SpamExperts
  • Social media promotion

How to enroll

As soon as you have paid for your qualifying license, the sales team will introduce the partnership and invite you to join.Once you have expressed your agreement to enroll, the marketing department will send all the necessary documentation and will offer support to complete the enrollment.

  • Case study questionnaire
  • Logo of SpamExperts

Client's obligations

  • You have to fill in a questionnaire including paragraphs about your overall experience with SpamExperts, from the search and trial phase, up to the software implementation phase and beyond.
  • You should provide as many details as possible to make the story relevant and create a showcase that will be interesting to read by future leads / clients. The questions are simple and straightforward and require a minimum time investment to be answered.
  • Together with the questionnaire, you are requested to send as well your logo in a high-resolution format such as .eps.
  • According to the HPP rules, you should also place SpamExperts logo with a backlink on the relevant Partners Section on your website.

When are the discounts & benefits applied

The discounts are applied:a) after you have confirmed your intention to enroll in the Hosting Partner Program andb) you have sent the filled-in case study questionnaire in a satisfactory manner (e.g. enough information needed to build the case study, testimonial) andc) you have been labeled as Hosting Partner in the SpamExperts client management tool.NOTE: In some cases, the Hosting Partner discounts may have been applied in advance, at the time when you have acquired the license. In such a situation, you are requested to send the Hosting Partner Program material in maximum 2 months since the discounts have been applied. In case you fail to do so, all discounts will be removed and the list prices will apply.Based on the case study questionnaire received from you, the Marketing Coordinator will draft the Case Study final text. The Case Study will always observe a standard Case Study structure:

  • General introduction
  • Quick read
  • Challenges
  • Implementation
  • Benefits
  • Target reached (testimonial)

The final Case Study and Press Release will be sent to you for approval before uploading it on the website.The Case Study and Press Release (marketing benefits) will be published / distributed within maximum one month from the enrollment.As Hosting Partner of SpamExperts, you will take advantage of marketing benefits during the entire duration of your HPP membership.

License downgrade

In case of a license downgrade under the HPP qualifying limits, all your HPP discounts and benefits will be removed.