SpamExperts Integrates With Your Suppliers

Control panel integration

SpamExperts provides web hosts the possibility of integrating their web hosting environment and web hosting control panels with the SpamExperts Hosted - and Local Cloud solutions. Addons are available for a number of different hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, Odin Service Automation, DirectAdmin, MachPanel and more. The addon is easily installed on your hosting servers and takes care of automatically adding and removing domains to and from your SpamExperts email security system. Whenever a client adds/ removes a domain from his hosting server, the domain is also added to/ removed from the SpamExperts system. Besides provisioning management, the plugins also support one-click log in for end users and resellers to manage the spam filtering and email archiving settings via the web interface.

The main features and supported hosting control panels as mentioned below. Note: if you run a different hosting control panel (an inhouse developed system, for example), please contact us so we can assist you with integration via our API.


  • Automated email security provisioning to end-clients
  • Automatic email security activation (MX-records switch)
  • Per-domain protection options
  • Hosting machine bulk-protect options
  • Branding options
  • One-click login to email security web interface
  • End-user email security control panel integration
  • Many more!

Available plugins