Are you passionate about open source? So are we!

Our mission is to support promising, neutral, anti-spam open source projects and give back to the open source community we work with. As our Lead Developer and CTO are very passionate about open source, several members of our team have been involved, and even found, thanks to such projects.

Open Source Contributions from SpamExperts

Our involvement with the open source community goes back a long time, ever since Dreas, SpamExperts CTO, created a non-profit initiative, named IPv6 Mailserver Whitelist Foundation. Its purpose was to fight spam by all means available. The catalyst was the introduction of IPv6, which quickly made filtering all the more difficult when using traditional blacklisting methods. The project was a success and won the team an IPv6 award together with a cash grant of 15,000 EUR. Soon enough, it started getting support from a few other companies in the Netherlands. However, as our company grew and developed, this project was put aside for when it was best to give it the time and dedication it needed.

Let us introduce you to some of the key players in the open source community we closely work with:


The Pyzor project is among the key ongoing open source ventures, already underway and developed by our team. It is a completely free database and hash sharing system written by Frank Tobin. Currently, SpamExperts sponsors the servers, with some of our back-end developers actively spending their free time working on it and keeping the code repository updated. For more information about this project, go to Pyzor

Add-ons and company open source software collaborations

We’ve already been working with and on developing many of our add-on components and features through partnerships with various open source projects and their companies. Among them are cPanel, DirectAdmin, ISPSystem, MachPanel, Open-Xchange, Outlook Email Add-on, Odin Automation APS 2.0, and Plesk for Linux and Windows. Likewise, the new open source initiative AbuseIO has recently included support for SpamExperts ARF spam reports generated by our Outgoing Filtering.

Opening up our “commercial” code for the community

It is a known fact that many companies operating in the internet space are combining open source with proprietary software. As a commercial company, for SpamExperts it is important to also embrace the open source possibilities and show transparency towards its clients. Our Local Cloud customers have acccess to the code and can check what we are doing and be reassured that all their data are secure and private.

We are also interested in helping companies whose products we use and those which would be good candidates for future collaborations. Do you want to present a project, make a referral or request financial aid? Get in touch with us!