Hosted Cloud

Choosing deployment in our SolarWinds Spam Experts Cloud environment can help reduce costs of maintaining your own hardware. Hosted Cloud is our cloud-based solution, globally distributed to ensure email flow redundancy. It helps reduce maintenance and support resources by eliminating the need to try and stop the spam and virus emails on your own infrastructure. SolarWinds Spam Experts provides management and monitoring of the cloud environment.

Local Cloud

Deploy our solutions on-premises on your own hardware of choice. Provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization, it offers full control as it is owned and operated internally. This software is installed by the SolarWinds Spam Experts team and compatible with both physical and virtual hardware setups. Moreover, SolarWinds Spam Experts provides a fully managed service including updates, monitoring, and maintaining the email security system.

Proprietary technology and active development

Products are developed in-house to actively protect against all email-based threats (spam, virus, phishing, malware, ransomware, harvesting, etc.). Our systems are in real-time sync with the central intelligence databases, meaning they receive immediate new information on spam and virus outbreaks. The services include weekly software updates with new features and enriched product functionality.

Integration and automation

Integration is a key element of SolarWinds Spam Experts solutions, which offer free automation plugins for many popular control panels. Alternatively, SolarWinds Spam Experts can be integrated in any existing environment using the powerful APIs.

Easy, user-friendly, multi-tenant, multi-lingual Web interface

A user-friendly, multi-tenant web interface is available in more than 15 languages and provides extensive functionality. It is easy, intuitive and well documented to help ensure users remain in full control over their email.