Integration Partners List

  • cPanel

    SolarWinds Spam Experts provides a ready-made add-on to smoothly link and synchronize email security with cPanel, a leading hosting automation platform. 

  • Odin

    SolarWinds Spam Experts products integrate with all the Odin products related to web hosting. The SolarWinds Spam Experts APS package allows you to fully integrate and automate license provisioning in POA and PBA.Check the Odin Automation (PBA/POA) and the Odin Automation APS 2.0.

  • Plesk

    Plesk is one of the leading WebOps platforms used to run, automate, and grow applications, websites, and hosting businesses. SolarWinds Spam Experts offers ready-made integration with Plesk (for Linux and Windows operating systems).

  • Open-Xchange

    Open-Xchange, one of the most popular collaboration tools in the hosting industry, also smoothly connects with SolarWinds Spam Experts solutions. Users can directly access their quarantine and other anti-spam settings through the OX interface.

  • Direct Admin

    DirectAdmin and SolarWinds Spam Experts work together to provide integrated email security. SolarWinds Spam Experts developed a control-panel plugin that automates email security provisioning for DirectAdmin-based web-hosting companies.

  • ISPsystem

    ISPsystem has developed a plugin for web hosts to integrate with the SolarWinds Spam Experts email security solutions. 


    WHMCS is the leading web-hosting automation platform. SolarWinds Spam Experts was one of the first companies to integrate with WHMCS and use the platform for non-hosting-related material. The WHMCS add-on is free to use for SolarWinds Spam Experts clients.

  • IPortalis

    iPortalis provides an end-to-end solution for hosting providers and telcos. With an advanced UI, a self-signup process, and a billing system, iPortalis provides a powerful way for hosting providers to run their entire business, and they have developed an integration for SolarWinds Spam Experts.

  • Hosting Controller

    Hosting Controller is a validated Microsoft Solution Vendor for Exchange 2010 and 2013—and a complete cloud-hosting automation solution supporting a wide range of applications. A powerful integration with SolarWinds Spam Experts brings the convenience of anti-spam and virus filtering to Hosting Controller users.

  • MachSol

    MachSol offers MachPanel, a Microsoft Validated Control Panel supporting the latest versions of Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Hyper-V, CRM and IIS. MachSol has integrated SolarWinds Spam Experts into its MachPanel control panel.

  • HostBill

    HostBill offers stable and automated billing, client and domain management solutions, as well as hosting automation and eCommerce features. SolarWinds Spam Experts is the first email security company selected by HostBill for full integration.

  • MSPControl

    MSPControl is a complete portal for cloud computing companies and IT providers to automate the provisioning of a full suite of services on Windows servers. MSPControl platform gives users multitenant point-and-click control over Windows server applications. Learn more about the integration with SolarWinds Spam Experts.